Due to COVID-19 pandemic crew change is not permitted in most of the ports in the World. Bangladesh Govt. of has relaxed rules and procedures for seafarers joining and signing off. Visa on arrival for the seafarers are granted and hotel stay is permitted subject to compliance with the health guidelines. OCEAN ASIA takes the pride of being a leading agency house providing the crew change services since October 2020 to the satisfaction of the seafarers and the owners alike. We are carrying out crew changes in every month 5 to 7 vessels and ensuring all recommended measures of COVID-19. On signers need to bring valid negative PCR test report an arrival in Bangladesh and Off signers need to fly within 72 hour of valid negative PCR test report. We can arrange on board PCR test report for the Off signers. Find below requirements need to follow during the crew change at Chittagong and Mongla-


  1. On Signers crew members need to bring a valid negative PCR test report on arrival at the Dhaka/ Chittagong airport.
  2. They need to bring OK TO BOARD on arrival Dhaka / Chittagong Airport, which will issued by us.
  3. On arrival at Airport ON SIGNERS CREW MEMBER will get the VISA for 3 days from the Airport Immigration and after that we need to complete remaining joining formalities from the SEAPORT Immigration, Customs Authority, Govt. Shipping office.
  4. Required Documents For On Signers:-
  5. Passport
  6. Seamen Book
  7. Valid negative PCR test report
  8. Crew List (Departure)
  9. Contract


  1. Off signers crew members need to fly within 72 hrs from the date of the COVID_19 test sample collect. We can arrange on board PCR test as per the requirement of Shipowners. Normally it will take 36 to 42 hours to get the PCR test report, but we can arrange it within 24 hours.
  2. Arranged Shipping formalities at Govt. Shipping office.
  3. 72 hours valid visa from seaport Immigration, which will arranged by us.
  4. Customs approval from Chittagong Customs House.
  5. Required Documents For Off Signers:-
  6. Passport
  7. Seamen Book
  8. Valid negative PCR test report
  9. Crew List (Arrival)
  10. Passport Size Photographs
  11. Ship particular
  12. Minimum Safe Manning
  13. Guarantee Letter

For further information please don’t hesitate to reach @ +88-01979-107091-3, or e-mail us at  crew@oceanasiabd.cominfo@oceanasiabd.com